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What do you want for the Wairarapa?

What do you want for the Wairarapa was the Local Government Commission’s engagement programme to discuss options for future council organisation in the Wairarapa. This took place from 6 June to 8 July 2016.

Progress update – July 2016

The Commission’s public engagement shows that the community’s preference is for a single combined Wairarapa District Council. In response to that community preference we will now undertake a detailed assessment of a combined district council. Our assessment will include further consideration of the relationship of a combined Wairarapa District Council with the Greater Wellington Regional Council, detailed representation arrangements (such as ward boundaries, number of elected representatives, community boards and their delegations), debt and assets, location of the head office and area offices, rating systems, and any necessary transition arrangements. Should the Commission proceed to a draft proposal, further and formal public consultation will follow.

A summary of the public engagement in the Wairarapa can be read here:

You can also read a report on the UMR telephone survey in the Wairarapa. The purpose of the survey was to gauge public opinion on the options for changes to local government arrangements in the Wairarapa:

You can read the full Strengthening the Wellington region – progress update here.

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