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West Coast Reorganisation

Overview & decisions


In June 2015 the Local Government Commission received an application asking it to look at local government arrangements on the West Coast, with a view to making changes. The application met the legal requirements for assessment.

The Commission ran a community engagement programme on the West Coast in June and early July 2016 to find out what the community thought. In August 2016 the Commission decided it was satisfied there was demonstrable community support across the West Coast and that it would progress the application.  

As well as progressing the West Coast reorganisation application, the Local Government Commission has been working with the West Coast councils on two regional efficiency projects – Resource Management Act services and transport arrangements.

Invitation for alternative reorganisation applications and other proposals for change

The Commission now invites alternative applications to the original application, and other proposals for change.

The deadline for the Commission to receive these is Wednesday, 15 March 2017.

For more information about alternative applications and other proposals please refer to:

Regional Efficiency Reports

The Local Government Commission and the West Coast councils have worked together to get independent reports prepared on transport arrangements and Resource Management Act services in the West Coast region.

The next step is for the councils, together with the Commission, to decide whether further work should be done on these projects.

Summary of West Coast Feedback

Between the end of May and 8 July the Local Government Commission engaged with the West Coast community through community workshops, drop-in sessions, stakeholder meetings, newspaper advertisements and articles, radio advertising, shop-window posters, an on-line and hard-copy questionnaire and a pamphlet distributed throughout the region.

On August 12, 2016, it released its summary of community feedback along with an outline of next steps.

Media release: Commission releases community feedback, next steps (12 August 2016)

Talking to West Coast communities