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Other Proposals for Structural Change

Proposals completed by the Local Government Commission since the beginning of 1999, but not including determinations made for Representation Reviews.

In addition to reorganisations of local authorities and representation reviews the Commission undertakes a range of other activities.

These additional powers and functions are in some cases exercised only rarely or affect only very small areas or populations. Yet nevertheless they impact on the way people are represented and how councils function in certain areas.

The other changes to local government structures could involve the management of land drainage schemes; the transfer of a ward from one council to a neighbouring council; the creation or abolition of a community and with it a community board which represents that area; or reports and reviews prepared for the Minister of Local Government.

There are no such proposals before the Commission at this time.


In addition to the central provisions of the Local Government Act 2002, the Commission exercises its additional powers as a consequence of other pieces of legislation:

Under section 517T of the Local Government Act 1974, the Commission can consider disputes over proposals to transfer land drainage and water race schemes from a local authority to the ratepayers who are served by the scheme.

Sections 97 to 99 of the Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009 gives the Commission authority to determine certain types of disputes between the Auckland Council's governing body and local boards.

Under the Local Government Reorganisation (Property Transfers) Act 1990 the Commission may investigate property dealings of any former local authority between 14 November 1988 and 31 October 1989 and, where appropriate, require those dealings be rectified.

Section 20(10) of the Museum of Transport and Technology Act 2000 provides that where the Museum Board and the Museum’s Electoral College cannot agree on an arbitrator to determine the amount of the Museum’s levy, the Commission can appoint the arbitrator.

Clause 20 of the Second Schedule to the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 gives the Minister of Health the power to ask the Minister of Local Government to refer certain matters to the Commission. This could be a request for an inquiry and report into changing the boundaries of any district or constituency of a District Health Board, or the union or reconstitution of DHB districts or constituencies.