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Auckland Council response to Commission recommendations

The Commission has received Auckland Council’s response to its report Enhancing local government for Aucklanders: Recommendations to Auckland Council.

The report highlighted issues identified during the recent Auckland local government reorganisation process and included recommendations to Auckland Council and the Minister of Local Government. You can see the council’s response here: Auckland Council's Response

Media release: Encouraging progress for Waiheke, Rodney (29 June 2018)

Commission recommendations to Auckland Council

While the Commission decided not to issue a draft reorganisation proposal for Auckland, this did not mean it considered the council’s operations and services were optimally aligned for all its diverse communities. It noted the Auckland Region had been through a period of major change with the amalgamation of eight councils in 2010 and was at this time shifting from a phase of consolidation to one of improving services and responsiveness.

The Commission noted the council faced a number of challenges and considered it was an opportune time for it to consider how best to meet these challenges. Armed with the information and feedback received during the reorganisation process, the Commission considered it was in a good position to reflect on what could be done to make local government work better for the residents, businesses and communities of Auckland, and in particular in Auckland’s outer areas.

Accordingly the Commission compiled a detailed report with a series of recommendations to Auckland Council with this in mind.

The Commission would like to thank all those who participated in the reorganisation process

You can read the Commission’s report here: Recommendations to the Auckland Council report

Media release: Enhancing local government for Aucklanders (22 March 2018)