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Local Government reorganisation in Northland

Link to Application: Northland reorganisation application

2 November 2017

The Local Government Commission gives notice in accordance with clause 21(1)(d) of Schedule 3 of the Local Government Act 2002 that it has decided not to issue a final reorganisation proposal for the Northland Region.

The Commission’s reasons for this decision are that:

a) it is conscious of the efforts being made by the Northland councils to explore and advance shared services arrangements as a means of delivering better value to their ratepayers, and wishes to work with the Northland councils to further advance these;

b) it considers that the ongoing development of such shared services arrangements, rather than local government reorganisation, is the option that best promotes good local government in the region at this time;

c) it does not consider that there is any option for local government reorganisation in Northland at this time that would have a sufficient level of community support to be successfully implemented.

A copy of the full decision of the Commission can be found at: Northland reorganisation